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Planning a WEDDING is a series of DECISIONS.
But it begins with the easiest decision of them all,

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How We’re Different

our commitment to you

Photographing your wedding is more than a dream job. That’s why when you choose us, we choose you right back, treating you like family through it all. Our commitment to you is unwavering.

We Choose You, Too

You’re everything to us

In our marriage, and with the couples we work with, we complement each other, anticipating the other’s needs. Our images display our individuality and our connectedness. You may not be able to tell who captured what moment, but we can, and it’s one of the distinct things we love about working together.

Your Photography Duo

Nothing but complementary

We use laughter to soften uneasiness into natural tendencies — from the way you look at each other to how you always place your hand on the same hip. This is, from what we’ve discovered, the most pure way to tell your story — guiding you along without interfering. We use a flawless mix of posing, guiding and capturing the candid shots. And of course, we’ll join in on the excitement with our enthusiasm and wide smiles. We live for those unguarded moments, the laughter and the heartfelt emotions.

Telling Real Stories

That’s what we’re here for

The wedding day sunset is often overlooked, but is one of the most intimate and sweet moments from a wedding day. The adoring vows have been said in a bold whisper, but it’s likely that you’ve had little time alone as husband and wife. Naturally, we’ll steal you away — granting you the rare opportunity to reflect on the day as the last rays of light flicker out of sight. 10, 20 years from now, you’ll remember the scene — how the grass felt under your feet, the warm, gentle breeze and the devotion in your hearts. These images will ignite your senses, reminding you why you chose one another, inspiring a lifetime of continual devotion.

Sunlit Romance

It’s our specialty

Your wedding is more than just one day. It’s the start of a marriage. We pay close attention to every detail — from how you interact to why you chose certain songs on your wedding playlist. Each element becomes an intrinsic part of your wedding event, and we’re honored to be a part of it.

With love,
Michelle & Richard

All The Details

We notice & capture them