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Aside from an uninvited storm that tried to crash our wedding day, it was perfect. In the blink of an eye, we went from restlessly waiting to see each other to sharing our first dance as a married couple to leaving the venue as husband and wife. In the following weeks, we settled into married life and anxiously awaited the photographs from our wedding. When they finally arrived, we were completely taken aback…

by how terrible our photos were.

We were disappointed and frustrated, but we were also something new:

 We took those emotions and started The Bledsoes Photography. Our passion for
our work is reflected in the smiles of our couples, and we rarely end a day
having only been photographers.

We are there for you each step of your journey and we will navigate your special day together. We hope to become not just your friends, but like part of your family.
Your wedding is your unique story and we can’t wait to be a part of it with you.

Michelle and Richard



You tell your favorite stories over and over again

Your wedding will be one of those favorite stories. So when you tell it, you'll have photos that take you back.

You deserve heirloom pieces that you can hold in your hands, showing each other and your families what that day meant to your relationship.

You'll be to be proud to display your love on your walls, a constant reminder to everyone who sees them of the best day of your lives.

Kind Words

why our clients love us


When I was nine, my dad handed me his old Olympus SLR while on vacation. Surely it was to placate me, but the minute that camera was in my hands, I was done. His simple gesture instilled within me a lifelong love. Through high school, college, and now as a professional photographer, I have followed my passion. I love to document weddings in all their bright, airy romance to create photographs that make you feel. And ultimately, I get to follow this passion with someone beside me who is a daily inspiration. Becoming a wedding photographer with my husband is truly a dream.


Like Michelle, it was my dad who let me borrow his camera—a Pentax SLR. I was enamored with the zoom lens and reveled in the focus and scrutiny of each shot. Though most turned out gray and blurry, I connected with a single shot that was clear and bright. And I never looked back. Photography is a part of my childhood, my marriage, and now my work. I love the opportunity to tell stories through our photography. It’s a very human experience, to witness love, and help write this chapter of your story.

Sam Houston State University

We met in the darkroom at SHSU in 2010 while getting our degrees in photography.

we're married!

We got married on April 27, 2013 at the Galveston Railroad Museum. It was the perfect day and we try to relive it every time we photograph together.

Coffee, Coffee, and More Coffee

If there’s caffeine in a drink, we probably love it. To say The Bledsoes are fueled by it is an understatement.


If it involves stars, we’re into it. Star Wars, Star Trek, actual stars. We embrace our nerdy side and love how our quirks make our couples smile.

we are cat people

We have three kitty mascots: Mo, Darwin, and Opie. We love hearing about—and meeting—your fur family.


We love flowers so much that we always keep a fresh bouquet in our home. Your florals are one of our favorite things to document on your day!

oak trees

Oak trees are a beautiful Texas staple. If there is one at your venue, know that we’ll take about 50 photos of you under it!

Beyond The Camera

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