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September 9, 2021

Setting Your Houston Wedding Budget? Consider These 3 Factors.

Your budget is one of the first things that you will sit down and discuss when planning your wedding day. How much you choose to spend, and on which elements, impacts your wedding more than you may realize! As you begin the process, here are the top three 3 things that could affect your Houston wedding budget.

Where you get married

Your Houston area wedding location will play a leading role in the creation of your budget. Venues that are located in popular areas will generally charge more than smaller venues outside of the main Houston area. Venues also have different packages and policies that you’ll need to consider. For example, some venues might require you to use their vendors, some of which might not fit in your budget (or vision!). A lot of venues also have minimum catering requirements that may go beyond your guest list. It’s important to look at average costs of areas and venues to see if it is within your Houston wedding budget before you make a final decision on where you want to get married.

As for us, we absolutely love shooting in white barn venues, like The Springs Wallisville (pictured below)! Locations like this are outside of the main area, creating a secluded environment with all-white details you can build upon for your unique aesthetic.

The Springs Wallisville Houston Wedding Venue

The time of year

Wedding seasons make a big difference in costs. Planning to get married on a Saturday in the summer? Chances are you’re going to end up paying a lot more for your wedding as opposed to a weekday in the winter.

If you’re hoping to save on costs, choosing an off-season or weekday date can really help you strategically use your Houston wedding budget. 

Decor and Flowers at The Springs Wallisville

Number of Guests

This is one area that can very easily get out of control. Your guests are going to take up a large portion of your budget so it pays to be sensible about who you’re inviting. Most venues will charge you for everything from drinks and food to the chair your guest will be sitting on so think twice about inviting your aunt (the one you know you haven’t seen in 2 years). Agree on how many guests you want to invite and stick to it.  

Bride at The Springs Wallisville

Other tips to stay in your Houston wedding budget

If you want to stick to your wedding budget and not be in debt by the time you come back from your honeymoon, carefully plan your finances before you even begin planning your wedding. Working with a wedding planner would be an added bonus as they can help you find better prices and keep you on track financially. 

Bouquet and Bride Under Veil at The Springs Wallisville
Black and White Bridal Portrait at The Springs Wallisville
Bride that is Happy at The Springs Wallisville

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Venue: The Springs Wallisville

Floral Design: Artistry Abloom

Rentals: Junk in Love Rentals

Wedding Gown: Weddings by Debbie

Hair and Makeup: Etoilly Artistry

Calligraphy: Yellow Rose Calligraphy

Host: Elevate and Educate

Planning: Reed Gallagher Photo

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