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February 18, 2022

Vendor Spotlight: Amanda Bee’s Floral Designs

We are so pleased to present this vendor spotlight featuring Amanda Bee’s Floral Designs! We love Amanda Bee for her gathered and unique take on floral design. She doesn’t shy away from using color, and she’s very passionate about her work! She is also a lovely person who is always ready to help others in any way she can.

Please enjoy our interview with her and images of her work, and find out why we love this vendor so much!

What made you go into floral design?

I was studying entomology (bugs) at Texas A&M. My parents are in the industry, so it seemed like the natural industry to go into. I felt like I needed to go into a science-related field because I needed a “real” job. But, in my classes, I realized two things: I HATE math and I HATE the thought of sitting in a lab all day. I needed to do something with more activity, and I quickly realized that I had been suppressing my creativity because I felt like I needed to be in a practical career. Soon after, I found out about the floral design degree offered through the Horticulture department. I was instantly hooked! My husband and I both realized that it was exactly what I had been looking for. That was 2015, and I haven’t looked back since.Bridal bouquet by Amanda Bee's Floral Designs Bridal bouquet by Amanda Bee's Floral Designs

Is your main focus weddings? How many weddings would you say you have done in your floral career?

I would say weddings contribute to about 50% of what I do. I have a shop that also does retail floral design. So when you need flowers delivered for a birthday, anniversary, or funeral, we take care of those needs. I’ve probably done 150+ weddings on my own, and close to 300 with other people. While 150 is not very many for other vendors, it’s a lot for me because most of the time I worked on them by myself—especially at the beginning of my career. There were many long nights getting everything done. But now I have people who help me, and I sleep better at night because of it.Bride holding a bouquet by Amanda Bee's Floral Designs Bridal bouquet by Amanda Bee's Floral Designs

What is the process for booking you for a wedding?

The first step is to check on my website and social media. As much as I like to think I could do anyone’s wedding, this isn’t exactly true. I am still an artist, and sometimes my style might not fit with the narrative of every couple that walks through the door. So, if you look at my work and find something you don’t personally like, then don’t inquire with me. Trust me, it’s not personal! But if you do like my work, inquire through my website or shoot me an email.

At that point, I have two different processes. If you are planning on spending less than $3,500, go to my weddings-on-demand section. It’s an online ordering system. Like Whataburger, we are made to order, which gives you the opportunity to just pick and choose whatever you would like. Plus, it’s GREAT for introverts who don’t want to talk to people. The other service is the full-service process. It has a $3,500 minimum, and it gets you the whole she-bang. We schedule a meeting and go over all your wishes for your wedding flowers.Bride holding a bouquet by Amanda Bee's Floral Designs Neutral bridal bouquet with white flowers and tan textured details Neutral bridal bouquet with white flowers and tan textured details

Do you have a favorite color palette or flower to work with?

Sort of. I love pinks and purples, but I also love having variety. I’ve been doing quite a few weddings with rust and terracotta colors lately and I’m here for it!Colorful bridal bouquet with hot pink and orange flowers Colorful bridal bouquet with hot pink and orange flowers

What advice do you have for Brides who are looking for their dream florist?

  1. Make sure you love their work. Don’t just choose a florist because they are conveniently located nearby your venue. IT DOES NOT MATTER WHETHER YOUR FLORIST IS 5 MINUTES OR 50 MINUTES FROM YOUR VENUE.
  2. Please be upfront about your budget. As designers, we know that we are a luxury commodity, so we understand that not everyone can afford flowers. It’s not weird, I promise. I will be realistic about what I can do within your budget. As long as you trust me and love flowers, we will get along just fine! (And for those configuring your budget now, always account for at least 15% of your total budget to go toward flowers.)
  3. Take risks with the design. If you trust your florist, then let them take the reigns. Let them create something new.Bridal ceremony arch by Amanda Bee's Floral Designs Bridal ceremony arch by Amanda Bee's Floral Designs Bride holding a bouquet by Amanda Bee's Floral Designs

We are so grateful to Amanda for taking the time to speak with us! We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know a little bit about her and her work at Amanda Bee’s Floral Designs. You can enjoy more images of her designs on her Instagram page. In addition, you can check out a bridal session that we collaborated on with her and a few other awesome Houston vendors here!


Florals: Amanda Bee’s Floral Designs

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