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February 24, 2022

What to Expect at Your Bridal Session

Bridal sessions are one of the best ways to get yourself some gorgeous photos and prep for your wedding day. If you’re planning on having a bridal session, you’re probably wondering what to expect, what to have ready, and what or who to bring along! Or, maybe you’re just on the hunt for tips and tricks to ensure the session goes smoothly. We have years of experience shooting bridal sessions, so we’ve compiled absolutely everything you need to know right here. We’ll help you make sure you’re ready for your session! 

Have Your Gown Ready

By two weeks prior to your bridal session, you should have your gown altered and ready to go. Depending on how much alteration is required, this can take a while. So, always plan ahead to allow for a time buffer in case anything takes longer than expected. Ideally, your dress should be completed no later than two months prior to your wedding. This will give you time to shoot your bridal session (and reschedule it, if bad weather arises), get the dress cleaned, and have any final alterations done.

Bride in a long sleeved wedding gown with deep v neckline Bridal session dos and don'ts

Keep Your Gown Clean

To ensure that the gown of your dreams remains picture-perfect, bring a white sheet along. This way, you can walk around without the hem of your dress attracting too much dirt. Do keep in mind that the hem may still end up getting a little dusty. However, your photographer will work carefully to make sure that it stays as clean as possible! Some brides opt to have their gown cleaned before their wedding day. Many cleaners also offer hem touchups, which is less pricey than cleaning your entire gown.

Have Your Hair and Makeup Done by Your Artist

The artist who you’ve hired to do your hair and makeup on your wedding day should do your hair and makeup for your bridal session—not a different one. This way, you know exactly what to expect on your wedding day! You can also experiment with a few different lipstick shades, or even with a different hairstyle.

Tips for your bridal session Bride with soft waves and glamorous makeup

Bring a Friend

Your sister, mom, or maid of honor should accompany you to your bridal session. That way, they can help carry your train and help you in and out of your gown! Most wedding gowns require some assistance to get into, especially ones that have buttons. In addition, a friend can help to make sure your gown stays clean during your session. Plus, it makes for such a fun afternoon!

Bring a Pet and/or Props

Do you have a fun pair of shoes that you wanted to wear for your wedding day, but they are too uncomfortable for a whole day of walking and dancing? Wear them for your bridal session! Alternatively, do you have a beloved pet who you wish could be there for the big day? Have them join in your bridal session! Your bridal session is absolutely the time to have fun with outrageous heels, themed props, and furry friends alike.

Don’t Obsess Over Location

While it’s nice to have your bridal session at your reception venue, this isn’t always possible. When it isn’t, or if there’s inclement weather, there are plenty of other gorgeous spots we can pick from, both indoors and outdoors!

Bridal session at Arrowhead Hill Houston wedding photographer - The Bledsoes Photography

Don’t Wear Your Wedding Day Shoes

You’ll want to keep those as clean as possible for the actual day, as they will be featured in multiple photos, including detail shots. For your bridal session, select another pair that you find suitably comfortable—and, of course, pretty!

Don’t Forget About Flowers

A bouquet is a beautiful addition to your bridal portraits! Your florist can create a small test bouquet for the shoot that imitates the one you will carry down the aisle. Accordingly, you can get a feel for the flowers you’ve chosen and make any changes if need be.

We love shooting bridal sessions and think they are so beneficial for brides! Contact us here and let us know all about your vision for yours.

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Planning: Spelled Editorials

Venue: Arrowhead Hill

Hair and Makeup: Etoilly Artistry

Floral Design: Cali and Bloom

Wedding Gown: Belle Ame Bridal Houston

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