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PHOTOGRAPHS represent a milestone in YOUR STORY–a reminder of how far you’ve come and a promise for WHERE YOU'LL GO.

Because you’re here, you can testify to the power of great imagery. Photographs tell your story like nothing else. With your best friend at your side and a new chapter on the horizon, now’s the time to document this season before it’s lost forever. Years from now, there will be days where you ache for the simplicity of today (trust us!). 

Simply put? Our work is driven by the meaningful moments that define a life.

Here’s what we believe:

Alone, you’re exceptional, but together, you’re extraordinary.

There’s a reason that your story is at the heart of our creative process.

Motivated by meaning and powered by purpose, our work is a love letter to the human experience–where inspired imagery meets storytelling with heart. Simply put? Photographs tell stories. They make an impression. They invite reflection. They remind us of better days with hope for more to come.

It’s the driving force behind our work, the essence of our passion, and why we couldn’t be happier. As Texas wedding photographers, we’ve documented hundreds of new beginnings (and counting). Will yours be next?

Whether you’re in the crowd or behind the camera, one thing is certain: Weddings are filled with memories. As you witness a couple exchanging vows, it’s hard not to imagine your own.

Looking back on our wedding day, “bittersweet” is the word that comes to mind. Even though we wouldn't change a thing, we wish some things were different.

Our wedding was the celebration we had always dreamed of (and then some).

Our photos, however, told a different story: missing moments, shadowy snapshots, and blurry milestones.

OUR wedding day was the catalyst for a photography business we CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF.

It’s safe to say we’ve attended our fair share of wedding celebrations

We were heartbroken. 
We’re still heartbroken.

We both studied photography in college, but our wedding day was a far cry from the darkrooms and critiques of undergrad. We had never planned an event before–let alone our wedding. We had no idea what to expect, how to advocate for ourselves, or who we could rely on to set us up for success. With our wedding day in the rearview and disappointment in our wake, we realized that no one should ever have to feel this way–not if we could help it.

With our disappointment in the rearview, we were motivated to make things right the only way we knew–by taking photographs.

As Texas wedding photographers, we’ve had the honor of capturing lovers with our signature aesthetic and unparalleled experience from Dallas to Corpus Christi. Our couples look to us for vision, artistry, and time-honored expertise. With us in your corner, you’ll have awareness and encouragement, style and sensibility–everything you need for the wedding photography experience of your dreams. A story like yours deserves nothing less.

We BOTH studied photography, but it's the EXPERIENCE with YOU that makes us LOVE being Texas photographers for COUPLES LIKE YOU in Houston and beyond.

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The X-Files, Frasier, South Park

Michelle: Lovefool by The Cardigans
Richard: Tom Sawyer by Rush

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We are obsessed with every single photo.

Brynn L.

Michelle and Richard are excellent photographers and awesome people.

Megan S.

They were exactly the kind of photographers I was hoping for.

McKenzie W.

I’d recommend them a thousand times.

Brittany P.

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