Love Your Memories

The first blush of love is remembered through senses. Golden light filtering through the trees, a subtle scent that tugs at your smile, the sound of shared laughter. You won’t need to remember your love because you’ll live it every day for the rest of your life. We are here to ensure you remember the day you committed to it.

a husband + wife wedding photographer team

based in Houston, Texas

Those dreamy, childhood visions of your wedding day are becoming real. His hand fitting around yours. The feel of your delicate dress against your fingertips. Your romance comes together on this one amazing day—modern, yet timeless, a reason to celebrate. We create a tangible memory of your wedding, so that each time you see your photos, you swell with love just like you did when walking down the aisle.

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Comitting your Love to Memory

so your love lives on

We want to give you the experience we didn’t have. We had a picture perfect wedding day. There were so many moments we wanted to remember forever. And then? We got our photos back and they were nothing like the day we experienced.

We know you’ll have the picture perfect day too. But we also know that we will give you photos that do more than help you remember it. They’ll help you cherish every intimate detail. We want to help create your perfect wedding experience. From the first time you lay eyes on our work until we deliver your heirloom-quality photographs, we care about this season of your life as friends. We are Michelle and Richard, and your memories are everything to us.

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We are The Bledsoes

A husband-and-wife photography team

We couldn't be happier with how our photos turned out. My husband and I will always be thankful for Richard and Michelle and their wonderful work!

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